I love having bangs. They have the power to make a drastic difference to your look without having to do anything too much. And you girls will most probably agree to it. But there are times when I can’t help but hate them with equal passion. And you know the reason why. They are high maintenance and require a lot of time. And don’t let me get started on bed head which looks like as I got current passing through my body (you know the ones they show in cartoon, yup the same).

Here are tips for the girls with bangs:
1. Trim them regularly
I have front wispy bangs which I trim every two weeks. Is it only I or bangs really grow fast than rest of hair? You don’t need to go to a salon every time for trimming, which will definitely drill a hole in your pocket. I cut my own bangs and I never felt a need to visit a salon. Just invest in a pair of good cutting scissors, they go a long way.Macs Professional Barber Razors Edge Hair Cutting Shears Barber Scissors 5.5″ Blue Titanium Macs 2038
Do not cut hair using regular scissors, they will do more harm than good and will cause split ends also bangs will not get cut properly.

2. Wash them frequently
We all despise acne and we sure as hell don’t want them on our forehead. Natural oils from hair can get accumulated on forehead causing breakouts on forehead. Wash your bangs in a basin if you don’t feel the need to wash your rest of hair.

3. Keep your bangs away from your face while using face products.
We use tons of products on face from moisturizers, serums, makeup and what not. Keep your bangs away while using them or it will cause then to go limp and sticky. Lets the products first absorb or dry and then let your bangs fall on your forehead.

4. Style your bangs while still wet.
You can’t style your hair once they get dry and bangs being shorter than rest get dried off even more fast. It’s all about time, you have to work fast to style them the way they want even before doing anything else.

5. Always keep a fine tooth comb handy.
I don’t use straighter for my bangs. Even though I use a paddle brush for rest of my hair I always keep fine tooth comb with me. Just run comb through your bangs while still wet according to the way you want them while letting them dry.
Kent Authentic Handmade Rat Tail Comb, Dark Brown, 200mm

6. Dry shampoo is your new best friend.
No one likes oily bangs. So, when you don’t have time to wash your hair use a bit of a dry shampoo for fluffing up your bangs.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh Light and Breezy Fresh, 200ml

7. Always carry bobby pins.
When in hurry or away from home and don’t have any of the resources, simply pin your bangs on side using bobby pins.
Phenovo 10 Vintage Handmade Hair Bobby Pins/Accessories Grips Slides Antique Brass

8. Avoid using too many hair products.
If you use hair products like serums, conditioners, etc. try not to use them on your bangs as them will flatten them.

So, now that you know these tips, follow them, tell me how you feel or if any suggestions feel free to comment and rock your bangs!



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