I love having bangs. They have the power to make a drastic difference to your look without having to do anything too much. And you girls will most probably agree to it. But there are times when I can’t help but hate them with equal passion. And you know the reason why. They are high maintenance and require a lot of time. And don’t let me get started on bed head which looks like as I got current passing through my body (you know the ones they show in cartoon, yup the same).

Here are tips for the girls with bangs:
1. Trim them regularly
I have front wispy bangs which I trim every two weeks. Is it only I or bangs really grow fast than rest of hair? You don’t need to go to a salon every time for trimming, which will definitely drill a hole in your pocket. I cut my own bangs and I never felt a need to visit a salon. Just invest in a pair of good cutting scissors, they go a long way.Macs Professional Barber Razors Edge Hair Cutting Shears Barber Scissors 5.5″ Blue Titanium Macs 2038
Do not cut hair using regular scissors, they will do more harm than good and will cause split ends also bangs will not get cut properly.

2. Wash them frequently
We all despise acne and we sure as hell don’t want them on our forehead. Natural oils from hair can get accumulated on forehead causing breakouts on forehead. Wash your bangs in a basin if you don’t feel the need to wash your rest of hair.

3. Keep your bangs away from your face while using face products.
We use tons of products on face from moisturizers, serums, makeup and what not. Keep your bangs away while using them or it will cause then to go limp and sticky. Lets the products first absorb or dry and then let your bangs fall on your forehead.

4. Style your bangs while still wet.
You can’t style your hair once they get dry and bangs being shorter than rest get dried off even more fast. It’s all about time, you have to work fast to style them the way they want even before doing anything else.

5. Always keep a fine tooth comb handy.
I don’t use straighter for my bangs. Even though I use a paddle brush for rest of my hair I always keep fine tooth comb with me. Just run comb through your bangs while still wet according to the way you want them while letting them dry.
Kent Authentic Handmade Rat Tail Comb, Dark Brown, 200mm

6. Dry shampoo is your new best friend.
No one likes oily bangs. So, when you don’t have time to wash your hair use a bit of a dry shampoo for fluffing up your bangs.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh Light and Breezy Fresh, 200ml

7. Always carry bobby pins.
When in hurry or away from home and don’t have any of the resources, simply pin your bangs on side using bobby pins.
Phenovo 10 Vintage Handmade Hair Bobby Pins/Accessories Grips Slides Antique Brass

8. Avoid using too many hair products.
If you use hair products like serums, conditioners, etc. try not to use them on your bangs as them will flatten them.

So, now that you know these tips, follow them, tell me how you feel or if any suggestions feel free to comment and rock your bangs!



Product Details

Hey friends! Remember I told you about my love for multi-functional things? So, when I came to know about this Korean brand ‘Mizon’ and its popular ‘MULTI FUNCTION FORMULA ALL IN ONE SNAIL REPAIR CREAM’, I had to give it a try.

I received this product nearly after a month (as I had to get it ship it to my country) I ordered it online(I will paste the link down) so the anticipation of using it was killing me. As much as I wanted to use it immediately, I did a patch test first to see whether my skin is allergic to it or if I am getting some sort of reactions at least 48 hours prior. It is the most necessary yet one of the most overlooked step. Because snail is something not all of us had been in contact with and so our body is unaware about how to react to such things when applied. Luckily I had no such reactions or allergy so I applied it but if you notice anything out of the place, wash it off immediately.

Now, let’s begin with the review. I am a sucker for a nice packaging and so when I first got this product my exact thoughts were, “Wow! Cool packaging”. The box is a bit bronze colored and shiny and the bottle is made up of thick good quality glass (which won’t break easily, I know it from experience) with a black lid. All in all it looked quite classy to me exactly what I like. Inside there is one more plastic lid.

The product claims – Containing of snail filtrate 92% this original snail mucus takes care of your all kinds of skin problems in all in one skin care system on your first skin care step. It repairs tired and aging skin, leaving it refreshed. It is also first protector of your naked skin. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?
The box says that – As your first skin care step, apply proper amount of it to over face and let it be absorbed into deep skin.

There is long list of ingredients given which contains a lot of flower and leaf extracts, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), copper tripeptide-1, fh-oligopeptidde-1, etc. Although the list is quite impressive, it does contain ingredients like hydrogenated vegetable oil, alcohol derivatives, dimethicone which might act as potential acne triggers to some.

When I first tried to scoop it up for use, it was difficult to do so due to its slimy texture so I tried to just dip my finger and use only little that was there on it. Surprisingly it was enough to cover my entire face. As you can see I was using it for more than a month and less than one quarter got finished.

My skin felt soft on application from first time itself and I got a bit of a dewy look. But it’s not moisturizing enough so you might need to apply additional moisturizer. It feels as if the cream gets instantly absorbed.

It does give your skin glow and add plumpness to your skin so if wrinkles or lack of collagen is your worry, do give it a try. It doesn’t feel sticky as lot of creams do, so that’s a plus point. If you wear makeup you don’t have to worry. After few days I did notice a healthy glow to my skin which I love about it. Also, it helped diminish acne scars and blemishes quite quickly which is an another plus point.

But as I live in a place where it is hot and humid during most of the time of year. And I having oily skin didn’t help either. During daytime my face was a big sticky mess. On touching it felt as if the cream was forming a barrier and not letting my skin to breathe. And after using it for nearly 3 weeks I got three big pimples on my cheeks!! (Sweat acne). But if you live somewhere where it is cold you must give it a try. I am going to try it again once the winter arrives.

You can buy it online like me from here –

So friends what do you think about it? Everyone is different and so is their skin. What might not suit me may suit you. Let me know in the comments section below. If you have any suggestions I would love to know them.

Turmeric – All in one miracle product for overall health. (Part-2)

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Turmeric is one of the basic and well known powerful herbs on the planet as listed in Ayurveda not doubt it’s also called ‘Liquid Gold’. It not only has the abilities to heal our body but also fight those potentially harmful elements that can cause diseases.  Because of its these eminent properties, it’s in my list of all in one miracle product for health too. Keep reading and even you will start stocking up turmeric rather than those fancy medications that do more harm than good, most of the times.

Turmeric is a natural pain killer due to its anti inflammatory properties all thanks to curcumin, derivative of turmeric. Ever noticed how on the application of turmeric on a wound it decreases the intensity as oppose to that of antiseptic lotions or rubbing alcohol which even makes the burning sensation worse.

While growing up I often saw my mom adding turmeric to nearly all food dishes, on asking whether it makes the taste better she told me in short that it helps keep stomach problems at bay. Now after learning some more about it, I came to know that it helps cure ‘Inflammatory Bowel Disease’, again all credit goes to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps aid gut problems and promotes growth of good bacteria, same function as those fancy probiotic medicines which costs lot more than this spice.

It’s also great for diabetic patients as it helps lowering blood sugar level and regulating insulin production due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Isn’t it just great?

*drum roll please* Now adding more to its greatness, it also helps prevent CANCER! Yup, you read it correct. Curcumin kills cancer causing cells and prohibits more from growing.

It’s also Anticoagulant meaning it prevents blood clotting

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it can also be beneficial for people suffering from arthritis.

Turmeric increases antioxidant capacity of body.

Also turmeric has the potential to increase brain function and prevent Alzheimer’s disease as it rises the level of brain hormone BDNF.

Now, I can go on and on about its magical benefits but that’s not humanly possible, is it? But I guess the above uses were at least able to make you consider turmeric as a potential alternative to chemical medications.

Remember, too much of anything is bad and it even applied to turmeric so be careful to take it in limited quantities on a daily basis and you will begin to see differences in long term

Some of the side effects of excessive dosage can be-

  • Diarrhea
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased blood pressure (though that is the case with most of the spices)
  • Uterine contractions in pregnant women
  • Liver may begin to function at an increased rate


Thanks guys for reading and do tell me how to felt about it in the comments section. Your suggestions are highly valued and can be a great help for an amateur writer like me.




Turmeric – An all in one miracle product for skin. (Part -1)

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I am a person who likes multi-functional things even when it comes to my skin care and health. I love those skin care products which are all-in-one so that we don’t have to apply ten different types of things and the fact that I am a lazy person doesn’t helps either. So imagine the length of my happiness when I came to know about skincare benefits of TURMERIC –the humble godsend product (for people like me) that is always present in my mom’s spice box.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is an inexpensive product but one of the most beneficial ones. When we run like a headless chicken trying to find products that has maximum antioxidants for our skin, we forget one of the most important ones (at least I used to). Turmeric is packed with not 50 or 60 antioxidants but a total of 300. Yup, 300. Great isn’t it?

Now, an important tip for everyone. Even though we find turmeric easily available in powder form which save us a lot of time and hassle , I would suggest to get turmeric in its original dry whole form before it gets converted in to powder and to grind it yourself always just before you use it. I have observed from my personal experiences that it works better. (Try it and tell me if even you observe the same).

Now, given below are some of the uses of turmeric which will definitely make you use it:

Skin lightening: Turmeric inhibits the production of melanin in skin thereby lightening it.

Anti-aging: As I mentioned before due to being packed with antioxidants it helps in reduction of free radicals.

Antiseptic: Due to its antibacterial properties it can be used as an antiseptic and it also aids in healing. I have always seen my mom using turmeric whenever she gets a cut in kitchen. In fact, I don’t remember when the last time I have ever seen her was using antiseptic lotions or creams and the most wonderful thing is that it immediately stops bleeding.

It can also be use for treatment of acne due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

It is also anti-fungal.

Other than skin care, turmeric can also help for dealing with sore throat. Take a glass of warm water, add salt and turmeric to it and gargle. You will immediately notice the difference.

Turmeric can also be used to heal burns.

I can go on and on about its benefits, not only about skincare but also other health benefits but before that let’s take a look as some of the ways in which you can use it for your face.

  • You can make a face pack by using it along with sandalwood and rose water. Add turmeric and make a paste out of it and apply it all over your face. Wash it after it dries off.
  • Take turmeric, add a bit of rose water and 2-3 drops of diluted tea tree oil and form a paste of thick consistency and apply over pimples. Wash it after 10-15 mins. Tea tree oil and turmeric helps kill bacteria and inflammation and rose water soothes skin as tea tree oil can be strong.
  • Okay, not this may seem a bit odd but you can also use it as a scrub. Remember how I told you in the beginning to grind the turmeric yourself? So while grinding, grind it a bit coarse depending upon your skin. After cleansing your face with a face cleanser, just take the powder and apply the dry powder on your face and scrub it over your face gently in circular motions. And then wash your face. Trust me on this one even if it sounds odd. I have extremely sensitive, thin skin which gets irritated by even the gentlest scrubs but after I used this method it left my skin soft, smooth with getting irritated even in the slightest.
  • Take fuller’s clay, add rose water and turmeric to it and make thin paste. Apply it all over your face after coming from outdoor sun. It helps reduce tan to a certain extent.
  • Take aloe gel and add turmeric to it. Keep it in fridge to cool. Apply it after during summers, it helps soothing your skin also while fighting of the acne causing bacteria which is present in your sweat.

So guys, the above mention uses are the ways in which I use it. If you have some more than I would like to definitely hear it from you, please write it in the comments sections.

Please note that, you have to be careful while using turmeric as it can stain your clothes, also it can leave your face looking like you just had jaundice, your face gets yellow undertones so preferably use it when you are going to stay indoors or at night.

Remember that we all are different and so is our skin. What may suit my skin might give you opposite effect, so if you notice any discomfort or any types of reaction discontinue its use.

And Friends help me improve by commenting your suggestions are always welcome!



Yesterday as I was cleaning my bookshelves I came across one of my favorite books – ‘The fault in our stars’. It had been nearly two months since I didn’t read that book so I started reading and I was so hooked that I didn’t get up until I was finished reading it again (the reason I am still hesitant to give this book to anyone, even my cousin who was asking me about it two weeks ago. What can I say; I am just possessive about my books….). So, I thought even though it’s late to review this book I can at least share my thoughts about it. So here we go-

Though people like to classify this as a romantic story, I find it much more than that. It’s common to find stories where there are two beautiful, talented people, they come across each other accidently, fall in love with each other at first sight, fight their battles (which usually come in the form of their possessive ex) and live happily ever after. But this story is something which feels realistic most of the time. Where we mostly find stories of two complicated people with simple story, this is about two simple people with complicated lives.

The story is revolves around a teen girl Hazel, who has cancer from young age and has given up all hope on ever getting better. She comes across Augustus, who is a survivor of cancer. Throughout the journey there is a constant flow of sarcastic conversations between them which is quite refreshing in their depressing life situations.

There are some points in this book that I like the most. For instance, when Augustus asks them to write eulogy that they will say after his death. I always cry during this part. Even though not given in much detail, the depth of the situation cannot be ignored. We all know that we are going to die one day but we don’t always realize it, we all love to be independent and taking support of others sometimes often hurts our ego. But realizing that your days are numbered each and every moment and always having to take support of others even for most of minimal tasks is something no one wants their last memories to be; which are the emotions that we often come across in this story. Knowing that you won’t be able to live life to fullest like others is something no one wants but that’s what exactly the lead characters face.

The scene where Gus vomits all over his clothes or pees on his bed and is ashamed to show his face to Hazel depicts exactly what cancer makes its victim feel – helplessness. Cancer is a vicious disease that when once traps its victim sucks out his entire soul till its empty waiting for all of this to get over, to end this cycle of torture, of being burden on others, of being the cause of tears in their near and dear one’s eyes, of piercing a hole in the hearts that will leave a gap when the victim will leave this life, of painful memories that will continue to haunt their families till their existence.

I love this story because of the reality it shows. While we people take everything for granted and the most difficult thing we usually face is not getting a cab or bus on time to reach college or office, there are people in the world battling for every single breath they take, crossing every single day they live across calendars to see how many days they have left.
The story takes you on a roller coaster ride where you feel myriad of emotions from sad to happy to anxious to depressed and every emotion possibly known to humans. I can never see it as just a romantic story because it much more than that.

Truth to admit, even though I have a fairly simple life I feel sad at some points but seeing as the lead characters try to balance out everything to attain some sort of normalcy in their distraught lives and still getting courage to smile in order to make their families less sad is something we all can learn. I love this story because the lead characters are not depicted as too good looking, smart, perfect angels fallen from heaven but normal people like you and me who are weird, different in their own way and perfectly imperfect like us.

So friends, this is it. I hope you all liked it and please don’t hesitate to comment on it as it will help me improve and motivate.

Traits that successful people have that set them apart from the crowd.

In today’s date everyone wants to be successful but there are only few who are able to achieve it. They are the one who set an example for others to follow them. And I respect such people. I love reading life stories of such people who became zero to hero, and I can’t help but notice some similar traits in all these people. I am listing a few of these traits which will not only motivate you to turn your dreams into reality but also help you in the path of success.

1. They are risk takers.
The thing I like about Nike is not just its shoes but also its slogan ‘Just do it’. When other people are worried about taking risks, successful people get up and do it.

2. They are not afraid of failure.
Successful people don’t give up after they fail. They get up and fight. Most of us are afraid of others judgments’, what others will say, or will they become a laughing stock of the society after they suffer a failure? Successful people don’t pay attention to such trivial things; the only thing set in their mind is their goal.

3. They believe in themselves.
While most of us either blame others or their luck, successful people now that they will get outcome on the basis of whatever they do. They believe in ‘I am my own destiny’ concept. They BELIEVE in themselves. Remember belief is an important concept of life. How can others believe you if you don’t believe in yourself? So, if you want to become successful first start believing yourself that YOU CAN be successful.

4. They accept challenges.
While others are afraid of challenges and run in opposite direction when they face one, successful people face them bravely.

5. They accept their mistakes.
We often feel bad if we make a mistake and if we made one, we are hesitant to accept them as we feel that they can damage peoples’ perspective of us being intelligent. While most of us are busy making people believe in our intelligence level, successful people know that accepting mistakes is the first step in actually correcting them. They accept their mistakes, correct them and remember not to make the same one in future.

6. They are eager to learn.
Successful people are always great learners. Note that I used the word ‘learners’ not ‘students’. There is a difference in being a learner and being a student. Great students get good grades in school but that’s it. They might not always ace the test of life. While great learners may or may not get good grades while in school but they have a thirst for knowledge, they are always learning. And they are not ashamed of doing it even if they have to learn it from someone years younger to them.

7. They dream.
Successful people do dream. And they work hard to turn it into reality. You won’t know what you want unless and until you dream of achieving it.

8. They prepare a plan.
You don’t enter into a war and expect to win without having a plan on how to work things out. Successful people prepare a plan. Believe in it, start working according to it, make modifications along the way and achieve it.

9. They don’t set limits.
They don’t stop after reaching their goals. They continue their journey till they feel contented. You can say that even sky’s not the limit for them.

10. They don’t follow others, they create their own trail for others to follow.
Successful people are known for their abilities to do things differently. They like to have identity of their own rather than beings overshadowed by others.

11. They accept changes and modify themselves according to it.
Now, remember the point where I told you they prepare a plan? Yup, they prepare one and work accordingly. But life is full of changes. Ever since the creation of life forms on earth, many creatures came to existence and many of them became extinct but only few of them were actually able to survive, not because they were strong but because they were able to adapt to changes. Change is the law of nature and successful people know it. Even though they have a prepared route to reach their goal in their mind, they do make changes in it as they continue to go further according to the need of the moment.

12. They live in present.
Successful people learn from past, dream and make goals for future but they live in present.